I'm not sure if this is the right section to discuss this, but I'm new...

If anyone cares to answer this please do.
My problem goes as follow, Newly build PC freezes on me the first time i turn it on 2 seconds after i log on and everything loads, but when I reset it via reset button and it boots up and log on again it doesn't. This always happens.

My comp specs are:

OS: Windows 7 enterprise
Processor: AMD phenom II X4 965 black edition
Mobo: MSI NF980-G65
Graphics card: BFG geforce 260 maxcore 55
Psu: ultra 750 w
Ram: ocz 2 gig X2

Help would be appreciated, It gets annoying after awhile...
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  1. Do you mean you managed to install the OS and all drivers? and the problem starts only when you first log on to Windows?
  2. yeah i installed everything, its only freezes every FIRST boot up , then i have to reset and it will work perfectly after that. its strange.
  3. Strange indeed. I don't know how else to help. Maybe other will have some idea...
  4. So first boot it freezs, and second boot it will work fine? What about a third time does it freeze again?

    Can you test a different psu? What about if you left the hard drive unplugged? (idea being a failing HD will prevent bootup)
  5. I never tried a 3rd boot up usually its only first freeze then second works fine. if i turn it off for a long time it and come back to it, its a freeze then works fine. i suspected the second HD, the first one is new, and the second one i used was part of my old computer which i formatted before putting it in. Pretty sure its not the PSU but i'll give it a try
  6. Nope that didn't work, That kinda worsen the situation. now it fails the boot up the first time, stops at starting windows, then the second time it runs perfectly.... tried removing second hhd then second dvd drive, then both. nothing. anyone else with a possible solution to this.
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