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I just got my 480 SLIs and installed them in my system. Everything seems to work great until I start doing intensive GPU work. A loud squealing noise starts to come from my case and the lights in my room will intermittently flicker.

I have a 1000w PSU and my kill-a-watt says only about 750 is being drawn from the wall. It is a brand new OCZ 1000w so I'm sure how to go about this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Note, this is a new computer build.
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  1. Can you isolate where the Squealing is coming from?

    Might also want to get the wiring in your house checked. Is there anything else on the same breaker that is high load or produces electrical noise?
  2. Well, in all seriousness, even ignoring these issues, you should check the ground/etc. in your wiring is good. There are simple tools to do this. You'd be surprised how many are improperly done.

    Also, what else is on the same line/breaker?
  3. I get a squeling/whining noise from my powersupply when I put even a tiny amount of stress on my GPU, The noise could be coming from the power supply and not the cards. BTW its called coil whine.

    "A loud squealing noise starts to come from my case and the lights in my room will intermittently flicker" :lol:
  4. Yeah, the light flickering (depending on how severe) has me a little worried. Or maybe I have just never dealt with a 700+W beast and this is all the norm :lol:
  5. Y did u buy those GTX480, when ur now complaining about noise, read some reviews and all of them have noise issues with it.

    If u failed a stupid mistake like that, i wouldnt even post it
  6. well 2 gtx480's will need a nuclear powerplant to run properly i suggest you to move near one :))))
  7. Run the system as normal and start working through to rule out other system parts. Such as the psu if little or no coil squeal then check the cards. If it is the psu I suggest RMA it right away you don't want a full failure. The card since they are new I suggest doing the same RMA. Why simple the choke coils in the filtering stage in the card's VRM while under load while discharging is making audible noises. When these coils makes these noises they are under great stress they can expand slightly due to heat while the coil windings hum so when they hum it wears away at the insulating coating. When the coating fails the coil doesn't perform as before and worse you have an milled electrical short weakening the strength of the magnetic field generated thus weakens the power supplied to the gpu.
  8. I was rereading the 5870 launch review at Anands.com, and coil whine was mentioned. They experience it often it seems. Of course they test cards for hours/days on a open test bench, torture conditions. The comment was thrown out, because they noted ATI had done a good job on the 5870 eliminating almost everything.
  9. Hi joe-jackson, like you i too have just installed 480 sli on the and have the same psu as you which i have aslo just bought.
    I do not get the loud squealling noise like you, nor do my lights in the room flicker. But like others have mentioned it was said that these cards do make some noise when under full load.
    To be honest though mine dont squeal and neither do they make much noise when under load, i guess if i listen carfeully i can make out the gpu's fans over the other fans installed in my case.
    Also i have noticed that when under load i do get a noise from the main gpu fan like it is slightly lose or as if there was something catching the blades of the fan for about 2-3 seconds, but as i use them more the noise seems to lessening and is less frequent.
    Can i ask what make are you gpu's?
    Hope you have not burned to death yet.
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