I7 920, one of the core is running 100%

Hello everyone,

I'm using i7 920 processor with window 7. It is working fine all the while. But yesterday, my computer suddenly running super slow and lagging. It take more than 10 second when i'm trying to click on any file or start button.

One of the core is running at 100% usage while the CPU usage is 16-18%. (other than browser,there is no other software or games are running)

* I'm using AVG to scan virus, there is no virus found.

I'm wondering is there anyone know how to solve this problem?

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  1. AVG sucks, try avira, and run malwarebytes.
  2. What does task manager say?
  3. This is my CPU performance

    I have just scanned using Malwarebytes. And the Malwarebytes keep on alert "Successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website:......."

    What's this actually meaning? :??:

    Please help meeeeee....
  4. Show me a task manager screen with all the processes that are running.
  5. And I would have freaked out if my computer used over 40% memory out of a total of 6GB.
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    1) Which process spikes to 100% according to task manager?
    2) Did you visit any suspicious websites or open a strange file in your email?
  7. Hi...

    I don't think i have clicked any suspicious website or strange file from email.

    From what i can see, only the Chrome browser is using most a lot of memory. Is that the cause?
    And, the "DSMain.exe" is just a process that "360 safe"(A software origin from China) using to remove Trojan or Malware. (I just installed it after my core gone crazy.)

  8. I don't trust the Chinese software.And why are you running AVG and Malwarebytes at the same time?
  9. I think that 360 Safe not a safe application :
  10. Yes, Thanks for the link. I knew a lot of people comment that 360 safe is not a safe app.. But I don't think this app affected my core became 100%..

    ** I installed 360 safe and Malwarebyte after my computer gone laggy and core up to 100%... :sleep:
  11. try an online scan and scan you boot drive
  12. You have a virus. Run a full scan with malwarebytes. A remote PC is trying to connect to your PC, thats why malwarebytes is blocking it.

    Run Malwarebytes

    Run Spybot search and destroy

    Run lavasoft adaware

    Fix registry with CC cleaner

    go to c/windows/system32/drivers/ect

    open the host file in note pad if you have lots of websites in it you need to get a new host file.

    Otherwise format and reinstall.

    When you have a clean system, keep malwarebytes, get avira, and use zonealrm for firewall, and make your host file read only.
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