a month ago i was playing these games online (crossfire, Aion) at full settings with no problem. In crossfire, i would be getting 60-70 fps. and now im only at 11-14 fps. And i tried to lower the settings down, it did nothing to help my situation. Does anyone know what could be causing my sudden drop in FPS during gaming? .. please help,
and here is my system info if it helps.

my system:
cpu: Intel i5 750
video: ATI Radeon HD 5770
Ram: 2 GB
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  1. The best idea I have is a virus...You could do a windows reinstall if no one else has a better idea of what it could be.
  2. Maybe the cards are overheating? Do you get low FPS in other games?
  3. Check your card temps first, it could be an overheating...
    Also, u can try to re-seat the card and make sure cable connector is properly inserted.
    Have another games(offline)? How about their performance?
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