No hard disk detected?

Just finished building first computer. Turned on and everything worked except on boot it keeps saying "No hard disk detected". It's strange because windows 7 installed fine on my ssd and it recognizes the other hdd which is a samsung 1tb spinpoint. Anyone know if this is an issue or what's wrong?
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    You need to go into your BIOS (Advanced Option) and disable the Marville Storage Controller... This should remove the message and solve your problem.
  2. Check your hard drive boot order/priority in the BIOS and set the SSD as the boot drive. It sounds like your system is tryimg to boot from the Samsung media drive.
  3. When I went to set priority boot device after windows installation three things showed up. The first was the cd drive second was the samsung and then third was what I'm assuming was the ssd but it was just called registered dev. I put that as first assuming it was the ssd but maybe it wasn't? I'll try tecmos solution in a day or two..too bogged down with finals studying at the moment
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