Need card with HDMI & S-video output

Hey guys,

I thought I'd ask you guys for help with another Dell Optiplex 280 that I have. This is a full size tower, P4, 250W power supply, PCI 2.2 and PCI Express 1.0 slots. I looked at a Galaxy 95TGE8HUFEXX Geoforce 9500 from Newegg. But I'm not sure about it. I'm looking for a decent card for less than $100 if possible. I want the card to have an s-video output, in addition to hdmi, in case I use it with another tv that I have that has s-video. But if I can get better card for less than $100 and it doesn't have an s-video card, that's ok.

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  1. You may want to see this card, I use it for live streaming. You can connect it via s-video or hdmi. See this TUTORIAL.

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