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Hello, may i change my cpu and gpu from a acer 5737z, to a i7 and a new gpu if you can recomend.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Unfortunately you can't, because i7 requires a different socket,(your laptop supports Core2 CPUs) and you can't upgrade the VGA neither because few laptops allow upgrading it(such as some Alienware and Sager laptops).
  2. if you going to spend the money on upgrading the cpy and gpu i would buy another computer with an i7 and better video card from alienware or digital storm online. They have some good selections for laptop parts
  3. Nope !
  4. tkns guys, i heva a good option. is it AS5740G-624G64MN
    Windows® 7 Home Premium Genuíno , Ecrã de 15.6" WXGA Crystal Brite, Processador Intel Core i7 i620, Gráfica ATI Radeon HD 5650 1GB DirectX 11, Memória de 2x2GB DDR3, Disco Rígido de 640GB, Drive DVD Supermulti, Wireless bgn, Bateria de 6 celúlas 2.2, Part NumberLX.PMB02.294
    Câmara 0.3DV CrystalEye

    so i´m searching the best place to buy it, becouse i´m in brazil now.
    if you can tell me good stores to find this product will be a good help.

    tnks :D
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