Problem with Booting . Motherboard LED displays 88


I got a weird problem today.

yesterday i have shut down my PC before sleeping and today morning when i started it, the system is not booting.

The LED on display shows 88. and system doenot boot.

My Config:

xfx 630i 7100
xfx 880GT alphodog 512mb
4 GB transcend @ 800 mhz
core 2 duo @ 2.8 Ghz
500 watt smps.
seagate sata HD

Things I have tried.:
- tried all different parts @ different time and restarted(processor was never removed)
- tried to reset the bios by changing the pin pn the mobo for 10 secs
- restart/poweroff/shutdown, removing ram, and trying
- tried with just processor and one 2gb ram

any one faced/know such things and solved it????????????????
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  1. Any one !!!! i am counting on you guys, please suggest some thing
  2. Is the LED display code from the POST? Have you tried looking it up?
  3. Well, it could be your PSU or motherboard...
    Have a spare? U can try that... :)
  4. i m having the same problem if any one hav the solution plz mail me
  5. i have same problem with my system LED goes straight to 88 then reboots this process takes about 4-6 seconds and repeats LED is always on 88

    GTX 560 ti
    i7 920
    3X2GB ddr3 corsair
    1000W silverstone
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