How to format a ssd

I am looking to sell my PC, but I'm curious as to the best method to delete the info from my SSD (which is my boot drive with Windows 7 on it).

Should I just format it like any other harddrive? I have a software program I downloaded that will essentially write over everything, delete what it wrote, then do the process again. Would this be good?

Here's a link explaining the software (it's called Dban).

Thanks for the help and advice in advance.
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  1. no i wouldn't run dan's boot and nuke on your ssd. you can format it like any other drive, or you can use manufacturer's tool to wipe it.
  2. Secure Erase the SSD. It sends an electric charge to all of the NAND chips and resets the SSD to a blank, fresh-out-of-the-box condition.
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