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I wanted to build a pc which i would mainly use for Adobe Software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dream Weaver, Flash, Quark/In-design, etc. I would also be using it for Music and Surfing the Web. And occasionally, i said OCCASIONALLY!! playing some games. Nothing hardcore though. Just the 2D RPG game like Secret of The Solstice which again isnt hardcore at all.Check it out some screenshots to see what i mean. That is mianly it for what i would be using it for.

Now any suggestions as to which specs i should get.

(Example). Ram, CPU, Mobo, Video Card, Hard Drive, Case, Power Supply. Sound Card(not sure), CPU cooler( if needed)

Please suggest economical specs and at least the minimum specs i should have in order to make these programs function good.

1. I would prefer the CPU be and AMD because it would keep the cost down.
2. Please dont suggest some $700 video card, remeber i dont do any harcore gaming.
3. Please dont suggest i buy a mac. Too expensive. I use them at college and i admit there awesome but i would prefer to build a pc.
4. Don't Leave links to computers youir selling on ebay or somther website. I WANT TO BUILD
5. I would like to keep the cost down to a minimum of $500-$600.
6. Don't just leave webistes where i can buy the stuff i want suggestion on which specs to buy because im a total loser when it comes to PC's.

Thank you and please leave as much Info as possible becasue like i said im a loser when it comes to Computers.
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    Just for a rough idea for that kind of budget:

    - Athlon X4 - go with a true quad core for $100. Far as speed, go with the fastest Ghz. Most of them are within $100 anyway.
    - At least 4GB of RAM
    - Photoshop uses CPU more than GPU. I run Photoshop 7 on a 9500GT with no problems

    Sorry I can't think of much more, but I'm dead tired. Hope this gets you on the right track.
  2. Build a hackingtosh, mac/pc. I got one I use photoshop on and I got like $400, it it and it kicks ass in photoshop.
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