Formatted my Secondary Hard Drive and now there is a problem

My secondary hard drive shows up with two hard drives on my computer, and i formatted the first one successfully (Acer (G:)). But when i did the same thing with the second one (Local Disk (H:)), it said "Windows was unable to complete format".
Now it isn't recognised as a hard drive anymore, therefore i can't use it.

This is how i formatted them.
Right Clight > Format > Capacity 330GB (Both hard drives are 330GB), File System NTFS (default), Allocation unit size Default Allocation Size, Quick Format > Start.

So yeah, that worked for the first one, but not the second one. Local Disk (H:).

I included a picture if it would make it more clear. drive issue.jpg
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    go to DIsk Management and you can delete and create new partitions there as well as format them.
  2. Thanks, the problem has been fixed.

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