Help me please...

Hello, gud day, i need your help please...
My computer is newly formated and intalled with Windows 7 ultimate and newly replaced with Muskin memory 2 GB, before i have a problem of BLUESCREEN and what i did is to put back my computer where i bought it and they formatted it, after that my computer has a virus again and need to format it and again i return back my computer where i bought and they formatted it again, and then i tell them that my computer always force rebooting and then they replace a new MEMORY.. and now i thought my Computer is okey but not, my problem is when im downloading game Aion, after 4 or 5 hours it hangs my computer and shows only black screen and what will i do is to restart using the restart button..

My computer specs is:
Intel core 650 @ 3.20 GHZ
Biostar TH 55 HD Socket 1156 with 256 built in
9500GT Invidia Geforce
newly replace 2GB DDR3 muskin memory
320 GB Samsung
600 power supply
19'inch Samsung Monitor
OS win7 Ultimate

Any suggestion/advise may appreciate..
Sorry for my Bad English:(
Help me please..

Thank you....
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  1. Turn off the power saving features. Leave the drives and whatnot as always on.

    If your downloading games, thats probably how your getting the virus. Start buying them.
  2. How to turn off the power saving features? is it the Balanced(recomended) and choose TURNOFF DISPLAY to (never) put the computer to sleep to (never) also?sorry i have only few knowledge about computers..

    Thank you..
  3. Correct. If there is an option for the harddrive, make sure its set to always on as well. Something is probably not waking up as it should, which is why you have the black screen after 4 or 5 hours.
  4. Thank you again, and ill ask u again please, which one is better video card to replace my 9500GT video card coz i want to upgrade it..i want video card for gaming like AION game MMORPG games,and watching movies, i dont have a lot of money thats why i want the cheaper one, help me choose please...
  5. How much money do you have? What resolution are you playing on? How good is your PSU? I can guess because of the 19" PSU that you're playing at 1440x900. "600W PSU" doesn't tell me much. The other problem you/we have is that I'm pretty certain your not in the USA. So you should probably just tell us what cards are available to you in your price range. It won't do me any good to suggest the 5750, if you can't buy one.
  6. Philippines: if i have to convert my Philippine money to US$, i have at about $90 ..
  7. But I/we have no idea whats available to you.
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