Usb detection problem. NEED HELP!!!

i have a assembled pc with amd phenom 2 processor and gigabyte ma74gmt-s2 motherbord .
i have a problem with usb ports . i am using usb keyboard . when only keyboad is connected at back it works fine but when i plug any other usb device at the back keyboard gets undetected . If i re plug the keyboard the device connected gets undetected . so me able to use only one usb port at back . please help me.
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  1. Have you tried updating the BIOS ?
  2. i have not tried to update BIOS . USB problem was not there when i bought the computer . It started from last month . i have bought it in september 2010 .
  3. help me....
    what should i try to solve this problem...?
  4. Can you use the keybaord at the front and see if any other USB devices are working properly. Check that the front USB lead to motherboard (if there is one) is connected properly.
  5. No . keybord is not working in front even if none of the device are connected at back . even i cant use external harddisk at the front . only pendrive and music players i can use at front. is any possibility of this problem by OS ?


    One of my friend told me to disable the USB chipset . withought thinking much i disabled it but mine is USB keyboard and couldn't enable it back . then i got ps2 keyboard from my friend and enabled it . now its working fine :) :)
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