I Have an XFX 8800 gts XXX edition GPU and it scored a 6.8 in the windows experience index. I recently just purchased a xfx 8800 gts XT (just the normal edition) and i put them in SLI. I ran my the WEI again and it only raised me to a 7.0 :( and ideas why i got such a small increase??
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  1. I'm not sure if you know but the point of upgrading your graphics hardware is so you get more performance in GAMES, not so you get a nice different number in windows.

    Check your games for the performance increase not WEI.
  2. I have been able to run all the games i play in full settings with just my XXX card. well besides crysis, and that i just got today, so i dont know what it ran like with just one card...
  3. plus, i like the nice higher number in windows :)
  4. Some games aren't designed for CF or SLI configuration, so in some games u will not gain benefit from your SLI config.
    Also, WEI is not reliable to test your system, use software like Furmark to test it.
  5. I never touched Furmark with a 30 foot pole after I heard its kills HD 4000 series.

    You might like the higher number but that doesn't mean it means anything, even proper benchmarking tools hardly reflect gaming performance. If you really want to see how much of an increase you got by adding the extra card then use Crysis' benchmarking tool and then take out a card.

    If you really want a nice pretty windows score then you can set your own if you really want, a nice little search of mine found this...

    Personally I would find that the biggest waste of time but anyway. Now you can set it to what you think it should be...

    Hope I helped.
  6. WEI is rubbish
  7. Yes we know that. However some less 1337 people like it.
  8. I was just wondering if anyone know why i got such a small increase in the WEI???
  9. *Knows. Haha
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