Which card to buy for SC2

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and lot of posts have helped me understand a bit about graphic cards. But I still am not sure which video card to buy.

My only intention is to play starcraft 2. I am planning to buy a new PC and then install a new video card on it to play SC2.

I looked at affordable one's like HD 4670, 4770, 4650 and nVIDIA ones like GT 240. They're around 70-80USD on ebay/newegg.
There are two other cards i've been looking at. HD 4850 (512MB or 1GB) or GTS 250 1GB card. I could get one of these two for ~120USD.

But I want to know if any of the affordable cards can play SC2 well @ good settings.

Your input will be valuable

Thank You
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  1. SC2 also means Supreme Commander 2.. ^^

    Anyway, GTS 250 1 Gb, is a great card. I can't say so much about the ATI cards, because I don't know so much about them. (I'm only using Nvidia)

    But i can tell that I love the GTS 250 1 Gb. I can play games like Assassins creed 2 on high settings, without lag. The HD cards might also be good, or better.. Don't know. :)
  2. For all of the options above, the strongest card is HD4850/GTS250, u can choose which one is cheaper...
    What about your plan(new computer)? Monitor?
    U might want to consider HD 5750, u will be better with a newer tech. :)
  3. If you can afford one, get a 4870 or even a 4890. But between a 250 and 4850, the 4850 is a better buy.
  4. thanks for the replies.

    I have a 17 inch LCD monitor (not sure about its other specs) and I don't intend to buy another.
    I plan to buy this PC :

    and install a decent VC on it. I'm on a budget, so the cheaper the better for me, and again my only gaming will be SC2. The PC is intended for normal, home use for movies/word editing.
  5. thanks for the link, rescawen.

    So that would mean any card between 9800GT, GTS 250, HD4850 or HD5750 would do the job for me.
  6. The problem with buying a pre-build system from stores like Best Buy is that you have no idea what power supply is included in your system. Given the low-powered nature of your linked system (CoreI3), I'd bet there isn't much of a power supply in there and probably not enough to power any of the higher end cards people have suggested.

    If at all possible, contact either Gateway or Best Buy and find out what power supply is included in that system before deciding which graphics card to purchase.

    -Wolf sends
  7. according to gateway, the above PC has a 300W power supply. It probably wouldn't be enough i guess and I'll need to buy a new PSU. How hard would it be to install a new PSU and a VC in a system?
  8. ravigoteti said:
    according to gateway, the above PC has a 300W power supply. It probably wouldn't be enough i guess and I'll need to buy a new PSU. How hard would it be to install a new PSU and a VC in a system?

    yes but from beta, they say the 9800GT can run the game on very high. Since you have a 17" LCD, the ATI 5670 can run on a 300w, give similar performance to the 9800GT, and will run the game on very high with your current monitor.

  9. just a update to my previous post, my LCD monitor has a max resolution of 1280x1024, which isn't a lot i believe according to today's standards. so would a HD 5570 or HD 4670 suffice witha 300W PSU?
  10. For 1280x1024 and 300W of PSU then 9800GT/HD5670 is enough...
  11. Blizzard codes its games so that mainstream cards will work. A simple 4670 will do, Im sure.
  12. keep in mind ATI cards are better overall in gaming and in noise/power
  13. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty beta benchmarks
    Shows GTS 250 to be a comfortable fit @ 1680x1050 resolution.
  14. great, thanks all for the inputs. I'll probably end up getting a HD5570 or HD 5670 that can run on a 300W PSU. fingers crossed - hope that'll work
  15. The SC2 beta is showing some 'love' to the Green Team. It's showing the GT 240 edging out the HD 5570 / HD 5670 (even though in other games the HD 5670 is usually out in from). And the GT 240 draws less power than HD 5670.
  16. oh ok, thats for 1680x1050 resolution, so it should be higher frame rates @ 1280x1024 right?

    also, another question, has anyone heard about ? i was look @ their cheaper systems and customizing it will cost me about 800USD (my max budget) inclusive of HD5750 + 700W PSU etc. is it risky to buy PC's online?
  17. if you are going with ibuypower, don't get a GPU with the system. Get one off, you will stretch your budget better.
  18. I think wt PSU u shud probably gt a 4670 .. .it dont need any extra power connectors so it should be pretty good
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