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Hi guys, Im thinking of changing my GPU(XFX 250GTS 1GB)because Im planing on taking a trip to the US(I live in Costa Rica and we dont get better cards than a Nvidia 9500 :??: ) Im heading there on April 29 and staying for a week, Im thinking I want one of the new Fermi cards but don't think i can get my hands on one of them, i have a $600 budget and want a nvidia card because i got SLI on my mobo (XFX 790i Ultra Sli)but could get an ATI if its better.
Can anyone recommend any cards, I mainly need it for gaming.
My PSU is a Corsair 850W and CPU is an intel q9300.
Thanks for any help
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  1. Although I can't help with $$$ I'd tell people your monitors resolution as well. Your CPU might bottle neck some of the faster cards.
  2. My monitors resolution is 1650x1050
  3. If you are looking to stay with Nvidia then I would go for the 470 over the 480 because its seems like the better card for the money. if you want a change from Nvidia then I would go for the 5870.

    As previously stated you may see a bottle neck with your CPU.
  4. You have two options if you wanna stick with nvidia.

    1. Get another GTS 250 for SLI .

    2.Get a single GTX 470.

    Both options will suffice (And even overkill) for your monitor's resolution.
  5. No need for SLI, a single HD 5850 will be enough for that resolution...
    But if u still want to stay with Nvidia then get that Fermi card so u can add another later, which i think is useless since your resolution is just 1650x1050.
  6. His 850W PSU might not supply the required amps on the 12v rail for a fermi SLI...he'd need at least 65a to be safe..

    Try to find an HD5970
  7. i think a 5970 will be overkill.
  8. It might be the only time he has to buy it, and it could be the most powerful thing his PSU is capable of. It's obviously extreme overkill, but hey, "When in Rome...".
  9. My power supply has 80amps on 12rail, and i know it may over kill but i dont really have a chance to get GPU's that often so I want something that can i keep up with games for a while
  10. An HD5970 will keep you happy on that resolution for the next 5 years or so.
  11. shadow187 said:
    An HD5970 will keep you happy on that resolution for the next 5 years or so.

    is this card on sale now?
  12. Yes, though you may want to reserve one if you can.

    Also, costa rica? My friend went there for vacation and she got me a cd called Sight of Emptiness. Great stuff.
  13. shadow187 said:

    Can you tell me where i can get it? i searched for it on amazon and newegg and didnt find it
  14. thanks for the help =)
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