Help me choose my AGP card pls

Please help.

I need a new AGP graphics card, which will perform better than my old nVidia 6600, which has now packed up.

Which of these two AGP cards are the better performance card ?
(mostly for MS Flight Sim X)

ATI Radeon HD3650 512MB GDDR2 128-bit Graphics Card
ATI Radeon HD4650 1024MB Graphics Card (SC-SA4650H1G)

Many thanks, Edmund
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  1. Go for HD 4650. Get the 512MB version if available.

    BTW What are the specs of your PC?
  2. Will get the proper specs when i get home. I know this: 2.4Ghz processor, 1GB Ram, 160Gb HDD, 400W power supply. Why do you suggest the 4650 with 512MB and not the 1024MB? Not to many choices these days in South Africa as far as AGP cards go.
  3. Because these cards are not fast enough to utilize full 1GB of Memory.
    So you won't notice a difference in performance whether you have a 512MB card or a 1GB card.
  4. want more video performance? NEW BUILD

    agp = ddr1, 99% chance your running a P4 - dump it
  5. I hear you apache - but for the rest the pc is fine. Don't want to spend $$$$$ at this stage. Just want to replace nVidia 6600 with something a little better. Will replace pc at the end of the year.
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