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I'll try to make this short and understandable. I would like to know if the following (I'll provide links for all spec info) budget gaming setup will provide very good performance in games at high settings. Also, I would like to know if I will be able to do just fine with the PSU or will I need to go higher as I am trying to keep the price low. Thanks in advance guys!

P.S. I am particularly interested in the performance of the CPU as it does not carry any L3 cache. I know it is possible to maybe unlock it, but I am concerned with it as it comes stock.

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  1. I know it is possible to maybe unlock it, but I am concerned with it as it comes stock.
    The early models were taken from deneb. The newer ones are native propus and do not have disabled L3

    budget gaming setup will provide very good performance in games at high settings.
    I don't know how many times I have to ask people this, Which games?. What resolution?
    at 720p, you can play a lot more games maxed out than at 1080p so we need your gaming resolution.
    Also, what do you consider good performance? 60+FPS? Or can you live with lower?

    All in all, I like the build. I'd replace the motherboard with this :

    But that's just me. And for all I know you could need the extra regular PCI-slots that the Asrock provides. But that Asus has a better chipset.

    What else can I say? You've got no components holding back anything else. It's what I would build if I were building a new computer. Well, except I wouldn't buy a DVD drive because I'd have no use for it :p
  2. Sounds like I've done pretty good with the components picked so far. I was hoping for a gaming resolution of 1080p in games like CoD4, 5, 6 and the new Black Ops hovering somewhere around the 50FPS mark, give or take.

    You say the ASUS board boasts a better chipset. What differences could I possibly be looking at to choose the 785G over the ASRock, performance or feature wise.

    The reason I ask I thought I read somewhere where someone asked the same thing and was told chipset wouldn't make the much of a difference, but somehow I feel that untrue and would prefer the ASUS for the few extra bucks as I am used to their quality.

    Once again thanks in advance for your advice!!
  3. Well, for the COD series you are golden then.
    There's not too big a difference. The 785G also has onboard video, if you ever need to use it (nice for troubleshooting graphics). The asus supports a higher frequency of overclocked ram. It also uses less power.

    On the opposite side though, if you want USB 3.0 or Sata 6Gbps, then get your original board.
  4. Thanks for all the info, I'm feeling really good about the components alot more now. I am swaying toward the ASUS board now unless SATA6 is a large performance jump over SATA3. If not then I will go with the ASUS board as I do not need the extra PCI slots and would feel better with the higher chipset as well anyway. One other thing. I am concerned about the power supply, but with the clean power quality of the Corsair I have picked I believe the 450 with 30 some amps may be more than enough. Just need an opinion on that and I am golden. Thanks again, you've been a big help Enzo. ;)
  5. 396W on the +12V rails should be enough. I wouldn't try adding a second video card though. The 5770 draws under 100W and the Athlon II has a TDP of 95W. Not strictly power consumption, but related enough to provide a good estimate. I believe hard drives also draw partially from the +12V rails but they consume no more than 10W each.

    unless SATA6 is a large performance jump over SATA3
    Only if your hard drive can do over 3GiB/s (384MB/s)
  6. I really appreciate the info! I read somewhere that PSU specs are overly abused about what you really need and not much emphasis is put on how many amps the PSU carries either. So, talking to you has really help me cement the decision on what I chose there. Really, considering the ASUS board you recommended, really can't beat their quality. But, all in all, thanks for your time and input!
  7. Any time ;)
  8. I do have to say you have done quite the combo building there. It never even dawned on me to look into their specials category when putting this together. After having looked through your linked components, I really see no reason not spending a little extra and getting a little extra, especially since it's only slightly over my original price. I do thank you for taking your time to research this and linking the build to me. To both you guys I give a great thanks. One week and I can add it all to my shopping cart! Thanks guys!
  9. IF i were you, i'd add 20 more $ to get the 1tb version, the reason being is, it is actually faster than the WD Black you chose. A. IT is a 500gb platter, the WD Black's is 334gb. B. It's 20$ cheaper. C. Over the 500gb model, the 1tb has a 32mb Cache.
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