EYEFINITY Displaying three Independent application on Three Monitors.

G'day All,

I have three monitors 23" with a VGA cable. I need to connect three of the screens to the computer, and view different applications of three differnt screens.
Screen 1: Word
Screen 2: Outlook
Screen 3: Internet Exoplorer

I bought the Matrox TripleHead ToGo, and i managed to view it as i wish but the resolution was very bad. With the Matrox Triple Head ToGo, the resolution will be shared between the Three monitors. So theMatrox TripleHead TOGO, is no good.

A friend of mine gave me a spare ATI HD5450 1GB with EyeFinity enabled. I bought a "Y" VGA cable and a DVI-VGA Convertor. the Y connector gave me a duplicate screen of the other one connected to the Y connector. and the one connectd on the DVI gave me the a seperate screen.
So it gave a two independent screens, and one duplictaed from the other one.

Is it possible to buy a HDMI-DVI convertor, and then connect a DVI-VGA convertor to it. OWuld it fix the problem and work???/

I didn't reach a solution yet.

SOme one is telling me buy the 5858, and it will resolve the whole problem. I'm not sure exactly on how to fix it and if ui have to go with what they say.

I need to fix this problem befor Sunday the 18th of April.

Can some one please help.

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  1. You have the same image on two screens because your using the splitter/Y adapter. There is a DMI to DVI adapter you can get, but its expensive because you need an active one. People have also found they can use the cheaper DMI to VGA adapter. Or you can buy a DMI monitor.
  2. Thanx for your reply :)

    Does that mean i can use DMI to DVI, then DVI to VGA???

    Would that work??
  3. No. Use whatever ports you have, then get an active DMI to DVI, OR a DMI to VGA.
  4. What resolution are you using?

    You don't need an active HDMI to DVI connector if the resolution is low. (Also don't confuse our recent talk of active/passive for DP connections).

    The reason you need one for high resolution, is that the HDMI on ATi card runs at double speed, not the typical double wide dual link configuration.
    So for anything above 1920x1080 (maybe 1200 would work) you need an active HDMI-> DVI adapter.

    As long as you're doing VGA on one of the other connectors, you should be able to enable the third monitor via the HDMI->DVI adapter, but it's usually a pain to setup because you often need to do alot of micro-tweaking to get the monitor and connection to properly recognize.
  5. Oops, thats right. I meant DP....
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