Amd 940 and 2 9800gtx+sc in sli ( farcry 2 )

i have been thinking about getting Farcry 2 i am very picky about the games i buy now... i love playing crysis warhead, rainbow 6 Vegas 2, fear 1 and 2, COD. kind of stuck on Rainbow its one of the 1st games i ever played. Nona of my friends play Farcry 2. i wish they did it would give me a chance to look it over! looks to be a fun game from what i could see on line?

i am wanting to know will my setup play Farcry 2 at hi or max settings?

AMD Phenom II X4 940 Processor
Architecture 64-bit
Over Clocked 3.5 GHz
External Clock 200.0 MHz
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ SC in SLI
Cooler Master PSU 750W real power
1 LG 22" LCD 10,000 to 1. 2 ms 1680 by 1050
Creative SB X-Fi sound card
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
there is more lol i think this should cover it.

help a guy out on this one... i know my v-cards are old but i dont want to get new ones if i do not have to at this point, i do want to go dx11 at some point when cost go down

thank you

Ps all game look better with eye candy
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    Farcry scales very well with SLI. You should have no problem at all running with lots of eye candy.
  2. jitpublisher said:
    Farcry scales very well with SLI. You should have no problem at all running with lots of eye candy.

    hi there ur setup is really clos to mine how do you like it? do you play farcry 2?
    i can play crysis warhead on gamer setting but with AA off... with know problems most of the time, that game is hard on all rigs...

    thank you for your in put and info.....
  3. ok not a lot of feed back for this post... i went ahead and got the game.... have not played it yet still down loading it.... i will post more about how farcry 2 plays on my setup..... i am sure that my setup will rock this game.... hopefully it will max out the game...
  4. ( GOOD NEWS ) ok my setup rocks Far cry 2 big time. with all setting maxed out, no aa and vertical sync on! i am very happy with how my set up works with this game, the game is old i know but it still taxes pc setups.. getting around 45 to 60 fps on the most part! some times it will drops down to 30 or so fps but picks right back up very fast..... the cpu and sli 9800 gtx+ sc v-cards seem to be working very good together. i did have a hard time with the game just stopping in min game and going to the desktop but i reloaded the v-card and clipset drivers and all is good.... temps for my sli setup run in the high 50s fans on cards hit a 45% speed.. i was worried that my setup would not play this game on high. lol should of known better.
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