9800gt fan problems

hi all,
my bfg 8800gts 640mb wentpop the other month and bfg replaced it with a 9800gt 1gb, the problem is the fan. After a week or so i started to get a loud clicking sound ( sounds like a wire is touching the fan ), i opened my case and pushed the fan and it stopped. The desk i have has a space where the tower goes and i have a cm fan on the side of the case with the air flow going out. when the case is out of the desk the noise dont happen and when i put the case back in to my desk after a min or so the noise starts to happen and my temps go up slightly on my gpu.

I have a cm 355 elite with a 120mm fan on fromt 120mm fan on rear and 80mm on the side. does any one know y this would be happening as i dont have great knowledge with air flow on cases.

thanks all
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  1. With airflow, since hot air rises, cool air is sucked in from the lower parts of the tower and hot air is blown out at the top. This diagram shows it.


    Sounds like something is loose, do you have a guarantee? I have never had one of those cards so I'm not sure if it's supposed to make that noise.
  2. thanks for the reply seogoat,
    nothing is loose in the tower i checked it all, i know it is the gpu, but if i leave it out of my desk and just on the floor the noise dont happen but when it is in my desk it has about 2 inch of space between the tower side and the desk pannel.

    it does have a guarantee but i went with out a gpu for 7 months as bfg messed up so much with sending another one out and i ended up with this card, and i am in the uk and they are in the us, i would have to pay for p and p and go with out a gpu agian. but the noise only happens when the tower is in the desk, apart from than when its on the floor it is silent. and gpu fan is smooth.
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