Building my first rig on my own

hi all im new to the boards so hi. but anyways so im building my first pc on my own and i'm looking for some advice on the parts that im getting for it i wont be needing storage i have my old pcs 500gig and a 500 external for media i wanted a Geforce 480 but it was a bit to out of my ball park and i do intend on SLIing in the future

SSD boot drive Intel X25-m

6 gigs of Corsair dominator 1600 dd3 ram

lite on dvd rw with light scribe

corsair 1000w sli ready modular psu

Geforce Gtx 470


Antec 900 two

Intel Core I7 930 Bloomfield

this is what i've got so far i plan on overclocking the cpu a little but thats all i think could anyone offer any advice on this build so far tips pointers anything ?
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  1. 0h btw i forgot to add since i'm getting the 470 do i need to get more fans for my case ?
  2. Sounds like a solid, nice build to me.
    Yes, it will be probably get hot in there, especially if you're overclocking, so you want to make sure you have really good cooling. I think the 900 two is renowned for that, but still, make sure you get a good CPU cooler and take the time to check the temperatures in your case when you get everything running.
  3. A couple of suggestions:
    1) Don't forget to get the Newegg combo for your Motherboard and CPU.

    2) You need a heat sink if you plan to overclock, I would suggest picking up the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus.

    3) I would look to change your RAM to these G.SKILL's for slightly better performance at a lower cost.

    4) You will not need a 1000w PSU unless you plan is tri-SLI. I would suggest dropping down to the Corsair CMPSU-850HX for your power supply.
  4. This is almost my build. I also have the 850hx.

    I would suggest looking at another case though maybe this one its got a psu so its much cheaper. I own this case and would definatley reccomend it.

    Also dominators aren't bad if you OC them otherwise get G.skills
  5. well originally i wasn't gonna buy the dominator's its just that with that crazy bing cash back deal has with tiger direct it kinda seem's silly not too. its 10-13% cash back so i end up getting them with the rebate and that for like 187 in fact i was originally just buying all these parts off of newegg then with that cash back thing from bing i end up saving almost 150 dollars on stuff over newegg so.. like why not get them i figured

    the only reason i wanted a 1000w is because i originally planned on purchasing gtx 480. Then saw that 1000w was barely enough for sli so i'm gonna hope the next high end cards are a little easier on the electric bill. I'd just like to ready will 850 be enough? cause that case psu combo is really nice i'm liking that case cause i dunno if the 900 2's stock cooling is gonna be enough for the 470 cause i read it gets hot and life time warrenty or not id rather not burn out my card
  6. will i be able to shove 2 of these things in there for sli and not have a problem ? for either case ?
  7. I think both cases will do fine but I find the 900 ugly whereas the element G looks pretty in my room :D
  8. hahaha well im looking for functionality and the airflow management is legit in the thermaltake while the 900 might require a little bit of a work around with the side fan and cpu coolers + i kinda like the set up for the thermaltake more i think it will be easier for me to work around this is my first pc im building alone soo im still a newb =p
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