GTX 480 card 'availability'

So yeah, pre-ordered a 480 on march 26th at Scan (UK equivalent to Newegg but better) and was told April 12th is the big day. Came to April 12th, rang them to see if my order was available to collect and the answer was 'No the suppliers are yet to put them in transit, we have no idea when they're coming in'.

I was shocked, appauled both at Scan for not securing the cards beforehand to sate the masses that had pre-ordered on the day and at the Suppliers for not getting their act together.

But anyway the best anyone in this situation could do is just wait, and its now April 15th and still no word. Not even Overclockers have cards yet so it seems all retailers are in the same boat with suppliers.

Rant over, but perhaps theres something to discuss here, my next card is going to be ATI.
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  1. Well only Americans can get the Ipad :) as well for another month ? Hardly any consolation I know, hang in there !

    I wonder where Fermi was actually built, Taiwan, I imagine ? Anyone else ?
  2. The chips most likely do.

    So have America actually got the cards then? Also, who the hell would want the IPad, the british are generally intelligent enough to know a duff product when they see one.
  3. LoL ipad. Those things have existed since the turn of the century. Now when apple comes and market an overpriced one, they sell out.
  4. Same problem HD5XXX series had when they first launch.

    First comes the debut at MSRP.
    Then comes the ebaying @ $150 over MSRP
    Then comes more stock @ $20 over MSRP.
    Then more @ $30 over MSRP.
    Then more until it leads up to $50 over MSRP.

    Since ATI's debut is over with, their cards might finally fall down to their MSRP. If it's ATI's MSRP vs nVidia's post-launch price, then there's no way I can recommend a fermi card. An HD5870 would cost the same as a GTX470, and the 480 would be the same or within $50 of an HD5970.
  5. Well the prices can't really be avoided thats just economic, but i find it a bit silly how Nvidia say April 12th, yet no'one has had them by April 12th, at least in England anyway.
  6. Im English, but live in Vermont USA. We have the same issue here. Suppliers just dont have any. I have been waiting for the EVGA version since the 12th "Release date" and they are still out of stock. Last night 10pm EST the MSI version was available, for approx 3mins, before the available units were sold out again. I have a $3000 order which is delayed now because of the availability of this card, I cantr begin to describe the frustration.. but trust me mate, its not just UK thats having the problem.. Yankee Doodle land has the same issue.
  7. in my country both cards already available on the shelves for a few days and some people who already get their own already posting their experience on local forum. the price also starts to drop
  8. @renz;
    When does the price start to drop?
  9. the price is dropping a bit when compared to the first batch that arrived. but you have to pre-order the card.
  10. /sigh

    Think I'm gonna drop my pants, think of England.. and buy one on Ebay. I cant play the waiting game anymore! :(
  11. poor nvidia fans; they are just being taken for a ride by nvidia...
  12. Next card = 5970
  13. HD5970 is probably going to be the best-performing card this generation. For various reasons, I don't believe nVidia is going to be producing a dual-GPU card.
  14. The only way i see Fermi making any sort of progress is to put the current architecture on 28nm. Either that or they make some serious refinements elsewhere.
  15. ATI is usually the first to hit the smaller processing node, so no luck there.
  16. i'm not sure about that. but nvidia is known for their brute force. just look at 480. it doesn't matter if its hot and power hog. what's important is the card is faster enough to get the single performance crown. maybe they still can make dual GPU card but it doesn't have to based on GTX480 spec
  17. More than likely have to be a seriously underclocked dual 480 setup, no point though, they'll have to underclock it all so much it wont compete with the 5970.
  18. It can't be based off of the 470 because it's too power-hungry, and I'm pretty sure nVidia doesn't want to lose OEM support.

    It all depends on the 460. If it's based off of Fermi, it'll still be power-hungry, and a dual GTX460 won't beat an HD5970.
  19. Pretty much what i said, whatever its built off, it will have to be nerfed so much it wont compete with the 5970.
  20. Moving to a new process isn't exactly NVIDIA's strong suite, which is what landed them in this mess in the first place. NVIDIA needs to design their chip to deal with the short comings of TSMCs 40nm process like ATI did. Even if they eliminated two of the shader clusters they could raise the clocks to compensate and deliver a part on par with the GTX 480 that has much higher yields and that they can actually afford to make. Of course, nVidia would have to be tapping out, or at least close to tapping out, such a chip to have it out by the end of the year. We'll see if they put what they learned to use on the GF104, or if it will just be more delays.
  21. All i know is, the retailer my pre-order is with hasn't so much has heard a sniff from vendors or NVidia in terms of when the cards are getting to them, and they're a big retailer and premium partner with NV. I'm really sick of NV's BS, they've been so arrogant with Fermi its unbelievable. Still, its a DX-11 card and it's technically the fastest single GPU in the world until the 5890 most likely.
  22. So get your money back and get an HD5970. :p
  23. To be honest i genuinly want to see what its like first hand.
  24. Quote:
    This makes me happy that I got my 5870.

    makes me happy that i am skipping this generation
  25. And waiting for HD6K to be out this year?
  26. shadow187 said:
    And waiting for HD6K to be out this year?

    depends on performance, i have 2 x 4870 1GB. I think it is safe to assume that will be enough for about another year or so

    EDIT: we will see if it is called 6k series or not though, seems a little soon for that to happen to me
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