Cant get router page on windows 7

I purchased a new laptop a few weeks ago that has windows 7. from my older laptop which ran vista I could control the access of the internet to my kids pcs by going to the router page & just knocking their net off the router page & locking it again.

I cant find the router access page on this laptop & its driving me crazy. My kids have no internet on their pcs as I had disconnected them via the router page on my old laptop before it gave up the ghost.
Please help me..oh & can you tell me how to find it using plain english please as I'm not a tech head & never have been lol Many thanks.
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  1. In case it's a wireless issue connect the laptop to the router using an ethernet cable instead.

    Have another look at the literature which came with the router or download the manual from the maker's website.

    From that you'll see that the router setup pages are actually resident in the router and have nothing to do with the computer.

    You'll also see how to connect to the router's setup pages via your browser, and to supply the default User Name and Password.
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