When does a computer do not show its hard disk model

my computer was working fine but then it went off while i was working....when i restarted it, it did not do to the windows and showed the message 'no OS found'..then i tried to go to the safe mode to restore my settings but it could no reach to the safe mode...so i tried to boot my computer...while booting, it could not recognize the hard disk,it showed the msssage'no drive found'..what can be the problem..what should i do so that i can recover my previous data??Help!!
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  1. the drive may have failed. however, disconnect the power and SATA connectors, and plug them back in. when you plug the SATA cable back into the board use a DIFFERENT port. if you have 2 controllers or groups of ports try the other one. if yih can get it to come up in the BIOS or at post then it should boot. if you get into windows back it up just in case.

    Could just be a random issue but I have seen failing SATA controllers do this. if the above doesn't work try connecting it to another computer to get your data and see if the drive itself has failed. if the drive is OK yih may want to try a BIOS update, if that does nothing try another drive if possible or RMA the board.
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