Geforce GT230 1.5GB vs Geforce GTS250 1GB

I have a Packard Bell Ixtreme Desktop. Win7 64bit, 4GB RAM, quad Core 2.5Ghz and Geforce GT230 1.5GB.
I use it primarily for Flight Simulator FSX and it performs pretty well.

Is it worth replacing it with a Geforce GTS250 1Gb or is this card only marginally beter then the GT230?
Cape Town
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  1. Yes, the gt230 is ranked below a 9600gso on TH gpu chart. The gts 250(9800gtx+) is at least 3 tiers above it. It will run hotter and use more power. Not a lot more, just more.,2569-6.html
  2. if your power supply is not an issue then you can go for GTS250. performance based, GTS250 will win against GT230 any day. your call :)
  3. Thanks guys for the more question.
    Is there an easy way for me to check if my PSU will allow for a GTS 250?
  4. first off you should be able to check your PSU spec yourself by looking the spec sticker. GTS250 will need 450w PSU with 12v rated at 24A
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