Weird grounding problem

I have a pc that is connected to an AVR. I feel a ground on my pc chassis when my AVR is turned off. But when i turn on my AVR, the ground disappears.

Even if i plug my pc directly to an extension wire with on/off switch, same thing happens. The chassis is grounded when the switch in the extension wire is off. And the ground disappears when it is on?

I'am not really sure which is the real cause of this and this is the first time it has happened to me. Any suggestions? thanks.
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  1. That is quite strange. I have no solution for that matter. However, for reassurance purposes, you can make your own grounding cable for your PC. Confused? Don't be, since even a 5th grader can do this simple trick... lol

    Basically, a grounding means connecting to earth/ground (duh!) to channel the excess electricity on the PC chassis. To make a DIY grounding is fairly simple: take any cable (length is relative to the distance), connect 1 end to your PC case (preferably wired to the rear screw) and the other end to, guess what, the ground!!!..

    But in case you can't find a floor, maybe because youre on the 20th floor, simply connect it to a wall using a nail. Try the grounding issue again, if it still persists then repeat the process to your AVR. The key is finding the grounding needed. Unless you're living above the sky, a grounding spot will always be available.

    I'm saying this because I'm already using this method on my PC. I simply connect my PC to the wall using a 50cm cable. Talk about simple tech!..

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to do that in order for the grounding to disappear. But i'll also try to eliminate the root cause of the grounding since my previous pc isn't doing that and there is no proper grounding. my first suspect is my PSU, but i do not have any replacement and i'm not very sure.
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