Asus mzn68-la spdif connection

I am trying to find an adapter to connect the sound from an MSI n9400gt to the spdif port opn the ASUS MB. I have the 9400gt end with wire but NewEgg does not supply the MB end.


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    It is a Graphics card that does not send sound to the Motherboard. If you are talking about connecting the sound from the motherboard so you can transmit out with video through the HDMI from the video card to TV this link might have your answer
  2. Thanks - I think I may have made a mistake upgrading to Windows 7 but now my puter doesn't recognize HDMI and hangs the system when I attach the HDMI cable. Maybe the card is shot but my HP a6655f doesn't show any problems. If I can't resolve the problem I think I will try another card and connect a good set of PC speakers for sound to my big screen. What a beautiful picture with Vista! Do you have any suggestions on what may have happened in Windows 7 or what a good replacement card might be? Both MSI and HP were of no help. Hopefully I am just missing something simple.

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