Chassis fan has only moles connectors

I tried to ask this in another thread and got no response, so her goes again. My chassis, Raidmax Smilodon has 4 chassis fans all with molex power connectors. How do I connect them to my M4A88TD-V EVO USB/3.0 motherboard so I can control them? Is there an adapter for the molex to motherboard? If so, which fan connects to which fan connector on the mobo? They currently run at full speed and have no problem with that except it gets a little loud. So, is anything possible to fix this? It is a new build and the machine works great, except cpu cooling. So I ordered a NOCTUA|NH-D14 R to get the temps down, if it fits in the case. Does anybody know that the NOCTUA|NH-D14 R will fit in the Smilodon case?

You guys and gals have been wonderful in helping me get this built and I greatly appreciate Tom's forums and advice from all of you. Waiting on a reply because my new cooler is due in today and do not even want to open it if it will not fit. :cry:
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  1. They are hooked up all in a row together using the molex power connector from the PSU.
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