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Hello,i'd got a problem with my pc. Every time i try to install windows i'd got a BSOD. In windows xp i got atapi.sys error even when i boot from windows xp live cd, i'd got a BSOD too. In windows 7 i got MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION BSOD, but some times diffrent. When tried to installed ubuntu, i got CPU failed report. Using win 98 live cd it's running well. Then i try to install win xp from another pc, when back to my pc...i'd got BSOD too. But i can enter to windows using safe mode. FYI, every time i unplug and plug again any hardware from mobo, there is "CMOS checksum error" report shown when booting. It is normal? Any one can help my problem?
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  1. Check memory using memtest86. Almost certainly a bad stick of RAM.
  2. I too agree on it being a RAM related error in most probability.. If You've got multiple RAM sticks then remove and/or try placing them in different slots and try installing windows again..
  3. I'd tested it using memtest86 and no error found. Replaced memory, vga card with a new/good one but it still the same...
  4. I already placed the memory in other DIMM slots too but nothing change
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