Not always detecting all my ram?

I have 6gb of corsair xms triple channel ram and most of the time it says i only have 4.0gb of ram. It will post will any of the cards in any slot. When i increase my vdimms or uncore voltages it will detect 6 for a while then go down to 4.0. I have an asus rampage formula 3. Anyone know the issue?
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  1. The only (2) voltages for the RAM that you want to adjust are the DRAM Bus Voltage & QPI/DRAM Voltage but only if needed.

    Example RAM Rated voltage = 1.6v
    DRAM Bus Voltage = 1.6~1.65v
    QPI/DRAM Voltage = 1.25~1.3v

    Also, if your RAM is XMP then you can try AI OC Tuner -> XMP, failure use Auto and set the DRAM Frequency, CAS Settings, and Timing Mode.

    Q - What exact XMS set, I prefer a link, are you using?
  2. My dram is at 1.68 and qpi/dram at 1.42. Its detecting 6gb as if now so im keeping at this to see but im sure it will detect 4 again soon;
  3. RAM Rated voltage = 1.65v
    DRAM Bus Voltage = 1.65~1.68v
    QPI/DRAM Voltage = 1.25~1.35v

    Your QPI/DRAM Voltage is very high, try values less than 1.4v and I would look at 1.30~1.35v.
  4. i did that detected 6gb for about 30 hours and now its back to 4.
  5. I would send them back and exchange for -> ; I have 10 sets 0 issues and the Dominator has a superior IC.
  6. when i had my msi big bang it detected all 6 gb infinitely. But how can it be a mobo problem if it will post with 1 stick in any of the slots? and recognize 6 for some time.
  7. maybe i should change the timings?
  8. I assumed you did enter the correct timings:
    1600 MHz 7-8-7-20-2N

    Remember too high or too low voltages are equally as bad. Further, if you are running the RAM @ SPD DRAM Voltage = 1.65v VERSUS @ Rated DRAM Voltage = 1.60v {i.e. at default frequency 1066 MHz the voltage is 1.5v}.
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