System boot failure!

I have a gigabyte GA-965P-S3 Motherboard running F5 Bios.
I have a 250Gig HD in the purple connector. this is the OS with Windows 7 and XP on it. and a 160Gig HD in the yellow connector.

I recently purchased a 1000gig HD I put it on the purple connector and removed all other hard drives from the sytem. I loaded windows 7 on this, then Ubuntu 10.04.

I left the 160Gig disconnected and put the 250 gig in the other purple connector. in bios i set this as the boot hard drive. but for some reason it boots some other windows 7 failed install.

When I leave the 250 gig alone in purple connector, it boots the windows 7 / win XP
when I leave the 1000 gig alone in purple connector, it boots windows 7/ ubuntu

why is it that when I have both in, it tries to load some other windows 7 install

All I want is the ability to boot from the windows7/ windows XP drive, or the windows 7 /ubuntu drive depending on what priority i select in the bios. How can I do this.

the 1000 gig windows7/ubuntu has nothing else on it so I don't mind reformatting if that's the solution.
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  1. Ok first off, not sure what you mean by the purple and yellow connector, are you talking about SATA cable colors? If so , that's meaningless. If you mean GSATA ports on the MOBO vs SATA ports, then read the MOBO manual about the difference btwn GSATA ports and SATA ports.

    Are your HD's SATA or IDE?
    DO you have IDE controller enabled in your BIOS?

    I'm getting that you have win 7/win xp installed on the 250gb HD and Win 7/ubuntu on the 1TB and no OS installed on the 160gb.

    If yes, then just reformat the 1 TB.

    In addition, in a new system, when you install an OS it looks for other OS on all HD's and will add them to the boot list. If you used preinstalled OS drives then they will not know about existence of other OS's.

    If you're combining multiple HD with OS's on them, and they were not installed onto the HD's in the final system, you will have issues.

    Also, Vista and I think it was carried over to 7, use a separate boot loader than XP so, XP must be installed first before Vista/7. In addition Ubuntu might have issue which you'll have to look up.

    Also, why do you have tri boot anyway?
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