Metro 2033 and 5970 lackluster?


does anyone know why some users with a high end cpu, (ex 980x) and a 5970 single or dual card config are experiencing lackluster performance with metro 2033?
is it because the game is nvidia optimized and that there isnt a cfx profile for it yet?

many users are experiencing this with ati hardware..

I am as well with a 980x, dual 5970, 12 gig ddr 1600 ram..
should I be?

even a game like just cause 2 runs ok, not great.. i wonder if it all boils down to driver optimization from ati..
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  1. Well is there or is there not a crossfire profile? Because that would mean without, your running on 1 gpu. A under clocked 5870. Yes the game on highest settings is bringing Nvidia and ATI rigs to their knees. Its the new Crysis (right now). Lower some IQ settings.
  2. There is no profile for this in cfx I dont believe. Atleast not that is mentioned in atis driver/profile release notes..

    I think I would get better performance if I ran it in single monitor mode anyway though..

    im trying to run it in eyefinity with max res and max details..I think im simply running out of memory..could that be the case? it makes sense..

    I mean they say a 5870 can handle 6 lcd's but they dont tell you (or do they) that you can run 6 lcd's with the games at all max settings and max res and not get a perf hit..

    I guess most gamers still run single monitors..dont they?
  3. Lol pnico, way to leave out that important piece of imformation, :p. Any card(s) running a resolution of 5kx1k or higher will be brought to its knees in Metro 2033.
  4. so is it in fact the case that im simply running out of memory on my card?
  5. ^^ No, its simply no where near powerful enough. NOTHING runs Metro2033 well, let alone in an eyefinity setup. You could run 19x12 and still run slowly.
  6. wel actually the game DOES run great in a single monitor setup with details to the max at a 1680x1050 res..
  7. Exactly. You ever wonder why upping resolution from 1680x1050 to 1920x1080 has a profound effect on graphics cards?

    1680x1050 = 1782000
    1920x1080 = 2073600
    2560x1600 = 4096000
    5040x1050 = 5292000
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