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In my computer I have a 500GB hard drive, but am thinking of upgrading to a 1TB drive at some point. I was thinking that I would transfer my actual data files off of the 500GB drive to the 1TB drive and then use the 500 Gig drive for backups. I just want to know if the backups from a drive that has anywhere from 800GB to a TB would be compressed enough to fit on a 500 GB hard drive.

So would 1TB of data be able to be backed up onto 500 GB drive?
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  1. The answer to you question is MAYBE. it depends how much data you have to backup and what kind of data it is. for example, video files and mp3s are already compressed so you would not be able to compress them much further. however you have a lot of documents like spreadsheets, word processor, database files, etc. they will compress much better.

    Also you should check out Clonezilla it would make it easy to move all your data from your old drive to the new drive and have you back up and running in minutes.
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