Motherboard's display crashed when overclocking

i was using intel core i5-750 with asus motherboard p7h55d-m pro without original power supply (but there was power supply with the casing 400w which is about 30% efficient) suddenly when i clicked on the turbo v and turbo keys (over clocking options) in desktop icon,,my motherboard just hanged and crashed its display...i have an graphics card that is nx8600gt what's the solution for if i use power supply with a new p7h55d-m pro motherboard,,will the problem could be come over??

my motherboard is crashed and the company is ready to give new one,& i am going to use original psu also but do u think my processor got harmed previously without power supply while overclocking??or the processor is just fine?though the processor is working normally now..
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  1. What brand of psu do you have? And I hope you mean 30% inefficiency and 70% efficiency.
  2. space
    no it's 30% efficiency..
  3. Never heard of it. You should get a quality psu with 80+ efficiency.
    Might be the psu causing the problem. Get one from Corsair or Coolermaster. A bad psu might ruin your entire system (which is a nice one).

    I would not try anything until you have a better psu. If the shop is willing to give you a brand new mobo, accept it, but I would not connect it to your current psu as you risk of dammaging it again.
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