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I have two computers - one with DVI output and one with VGA output. My monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW with both DVI digital and VGA analog input ports. I've wired my PCs up to these ports and switch between the input source. This negates the need to purchase an expensive DVI compatible KVM.

BUT.....can anyone see any long term problem/damage to either the monitor or the graphics cards?
Any other issues?

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  1. No problem the monitor is only capable of using one signal at a time.
  2. Nope- should work fine. I've done that a number of times, in fact, I normally have an extra VGA cable just hanging off my monitor since I work on so many computers for friends and family, I just leave it so I can throw another PC in there and plug it up without having to worry about it. Perfectly legit and will cause no harm. If it was gonna hurt something, they wouldn't give you the option to switch, and would just let it auto switch all the time:-)
  3. However KVM do not need to be expensive. and will save you the space of having to have an extra keyboard. I've used this one with much success.

    I have quite a few friends that hook up their pc's to dvi then their x360 to vga. And I have a setup kinda like flyinfinni where I just have the vga hooked up just in case. you shouldn't have any issues.
  4. Thanks for your replies everyone.
    I tried it and it worked fine - until I rebooted my machine and then - for some reason, possibly related, possibly not - my USB mouse stopped working. I cannot think why this would be related but it's never happened before and was only resolved when I changed monitor back again.
    Go figure!
    Thanks again,
  5. Well- depends on which input was connected to which computer- if you are looking at the wrong display, the mouse will not work- it'll only work if you are looking at the display output of the PC its connected to:-)
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