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Thinking about getting a SSD

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June 30, 2012 5:21:11 PM

I have $125 worth of Amazon Gift Cards and was thinking about getting a 128GB Mushkin SSD. I was debating between that and 8gb of more ram (which would be pretty useless) or another Radeon 6850 gpu (But I don't really hear too many good things about crossfire.)

So, the SSD ended up winning the fight. But now my question is. How much of a pain in the booty is this going to be? Of course if I get it, I'm going to want to reinstall my OS on it rather than my HDD. So should I disconnect the HDDs while installing the OS on the SSD? How would I go about deleting the OS off my HDD once it's installed on the SSD.

Are there other things I should worry about?

Thanks. :D 

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June 30, 2012 6:52:57 PM

I never hear good things about cl0oning from HDD to SSD. but you probably may want to update the firmware before doing anything with the SSD. your HDDS you can use for storage. So I assume you can leave them connected and go to install the os on the SSD, but once you select ahci in the bios I assume you can do a secure erase?

I mean you can format the drive no?

I sworn when installing the SSD it will ask you for storage options, incase you are doing raid, so should not the HDD get erased either way?

I mean you can also, attempt to erase the HDD before installing the SSD. just go in bios, select your boot device and have it as the windows 7 CD, or windows 8 pr CD/usb boot device. Once you have done that save and exit bios on restart you will be loading windows 7/8 installation and from there you can select which hdd you device you intend to install windows on, therefore while there, the option to delete fromat and partition the drives should be there! just delete the HDD/erase, and format.

Then you probably can cancel the installation and go do what ever you need to do. like actually stick your SSD inside the PC (sata connection), then run windows set up, but I guess before that go to bios and make sure achi is turned on and other options I mean when you are installing it will probably ask if you want to use a device as storage for the HDD/SSD. You want the HDD as storage for the SSD no?

I am certain there are easier methods than what I mentioned concerning secure erasing, or formating, or deleting stuff in your predicament. Just hope people can post said advice and steps here.

But yeah one you connect a device into a system that is already set up you can format it in windows, but it is best to secure erase. ask for software recommendations you may need it, whether cloning, imaging,or erasing data etc.. secure erase.