Geforce 220 / Resolution Reset

I installed a new graphics card, Nvidia Geforce 220, running Windows XP
On the 1st boot up, it started at 480x640, then i install the driver (up to date), restart, normal resolutions and works great.

Then when I restart it (2nd boot up), it goes back to 480x640, 32bit. It gives me the option to reset the resolution/color bit mode, but no matter what I select it just reverts back to 480x640/32bit color.

If i uninstall the drivers, reinstall, reboot, it works again, but upon the reboot right after it works, it goes back to 480x640.

Anybody have a clue where the root of the problem might be? Should I try an older driver?
*I'm installing the drivers with no user to choose, so I'm assuming I'm doing w/ admin rights.
*Drivers I got are off Nividia website
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  1. Did you get rid of the drivers for your old GPU? It might be a driver conflict.
  2. I did a show nonpresent devices check and I think the only drivers there is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 , ver.
  3. rolli59 said:
    Is this the driver you installed

    yeah~ that's the drivers I've installed~

    btw, thx for taking the time to look into the matter
  4. Try installing your driver in Windows safe-mode. The only thing I can think of is a virus protection of some sort or the other is affecting the install.
  5. I ended up reinstalling the os
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