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I have wireless in my home, and my laptop works of of it okay, my son is upstairs and just signed on and its working on his laptop, my daughter just arrived and tried to gain acces to the system , but it failed, it shows a srong signall, comes up with the system sign on, but when he his connect to sytem, it asks for security sign on. I dont remember what it was, how can I find it, and why does my sons connect and not hers
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  1. You need to provide him with the wireless security password and the wireless security type. Connect to the router setup screens within the router (see the quickstart leaflet which came with the router or download the manual from the maker's site).

    Once in router setup screens review or renew the wireless security passphrase and wireless security type and apply this to the new computer's Wireless Connection
    setup in Windows or in the wireless adapter's utilities.
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