Best cpu for gaming around $100?

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  1. Hi.

    Take a look of this article.

    And forget the Phenom X4 9850, the 1st Phenom generation isn't good and is old now.
  2. If your considering the 635 be sure to get the ADX635WFGMBOX and not the ADX635WFGIBOX.

    For $3 more the MBOX is a C3.
  3. +1 for saint's post and the C3 is a big difference too when it comes to OCing and power. You could also consider the AMD Phenom II X2 555, which unlocks to a quad. However it's not 100% chance that you'll unlock. I'd go to a local store for that. I get my 555 at fry's and if it doesn't unlock i return until i get one that does :D haha it's funny they don't care.
  4. The x3 rana because:
    -Most games don't use more than 3 cores right now
    -For the price, it cannot be beaten
    -Right now, it's all you need

    The athlon IIx4 is really good. you won't miss much for the 0.1GHz speed difference and it will perform better in better threaded games.

    The old 9850 has nothing wrong with it but it simply cannot keep up with the athlon II x4. It has more cache, but it won't make up for the lack in clockspeed, in gaming:
  5. thank you so for your response and the website i love it been looking for one like the one u posted for a while
  6. I agree with Enzo Matrix, since don't exist many games and applications that use the 4 core and is the best option price/performance.
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