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A friend gave me a 2005 Panasonic Toughbook that had the XP pro system installed. It had been used for business and over the years had really slowed down. I thought that I could install my XP home edition and make it faster. Well I should have created the partition and didn't. It really did speed it up but when I tried validating with my product key , Microsoft said that it was too old and of course tried to sell me another system. Now I have read up and know that I could have reinstalled the original operating system and started from scratch. Oh well so much for that thought. Is there a way of recovering the old operating system or was it overwritten because I didn't partition ? Now the only way I can get into Windows is from safe mode :( Thanks for any help you can give :)
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  1. If the COA sticker is still attached and you can read the product key then yes. Although you need to find a XP Pro disk from somewhere to install with, maybe someone you know has one? There is no official download of it.
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