ASUS P5NE-SLI motherboard - backups USB 3? ESATA?

I have an ASUS p%NE-SLI motherboard.

I have several 2TB external hard disks for backups and storage.

These of course are slow; I have USB 2 at the moment.

***Is it possible to convert or instal USB 3 into my computer?
***I've read the speed increase over USB 2 isn't as great as promoters imply. The PC has an eSATA external connection (and there's firewire). What's my best bet for connecting to an external hard disk?

Or should I stick with USB 2 and rish the disks overheating as they can take a day or two to fill up.
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  1. your fastest option will be to use the eSATA for the external hard disk but I would still go with USB 3.0 instead anyway because of compatibility with other systems.
  2. Ah thanks. However I'm not sure my motherboard accpets USb 3.0 (I'm told the motherboard is the releavant hardware - but i suppose it may not be).
  3. To avoid confusion: can someone tell me if a PC (quite high spec a few years ago) quad core etc with ASUS P5NE-SLI motherboard can power USB 3? This would ease my backup time problem (I think - it may be the speed increase is not as great as claimed)

    So 2 questions-
    [1] Can my PC be unpgraded to USB 3
    [2] Is USB 3 in fact as fast as is claimed, or would i be disappointed in file transfer times? I have quite a lot of informative websites, which are grabbed, a lot of data.
  4. yes if your motherboard does not have built in USB 3.0 then you can easily install a USB 3.0 adaptor.
  5. ah OK

    can you recommend one or two?
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