4850 crash w/ black screen?

Hi. I am trying to fix my friend's computer, as he has had problems since he bought the system back in 2008.

The hardware:

Gigabyte GA P45 DS4
HIS Radeon 4850
4GB OCZ Titanium
500W Corsair ModXtream

The problem occurs when trying to play anything, the machine just crashes with a black screen, after about 20 minutes. I've tried disabling the VPU recover, to no avail. The PCI-E has been locked to 100MHz, and I've even tried slacking the RAM timings. I've given all components some extra volts, too.
The GPU gets up to about 45 degrees C.

I've tried with Windows 7, as well as Windows XP, and it made no difference.

I've then tried inserting the card in my own computer, consisting of:

Core 2 Duo E6600
Gigabyte GA P965-DS4
Tagan EasyCon 480Watt

And it works flawlessly. I've just played for almost two hours without crashing.
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  1. Has no one got a solution or a suggestion?
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