Disadvantages of Installing 2 MemoryModules into Slots 3&4

RE: Gigabyte AM3 MotherBoard 790chipsets, DDR3 1600mhz 2x4gb.....
Is there a problem or disadvantage to placing MemoryModules(sticks)into Slots 3&4 instead of Slots 1&2 ?
the manual states pg16 : It is recommended that you install 2 MemModules in DDR3_1 and DDR3_2
The reason for not using Slots 1&2 closest to the processor .... there is no room because my CPU cooler covers up slots 1&2
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  1. Welcome to the Forum!

    Normally, this is not a problem and you can do it. The reason why the manual recommends slots 1 & 2 first, is because your motherboard may require you to fill the sockets in a particular order. This applies in the case you want to add a third stick of RAM (instead of a pair).
  2. The BIOS 'inits' the DIMM slots in order, and so I would recommend that you follow the recommendations of the Manual. Sometimes it will show DIMM1+2 OR DIMM 3+4, and since I have no clue what MOBO you have exactly I am speaking in generalities.

    If you post your MOBO then I'll be happy to take a look at the manual.
  3. The Gigabyte Motherboard is a GA-790XTA-UD4 AM3 processor
    AMD-790X, AMD -B750 chipsets, Hyperthread 3.0

    The manual shows a diagram for installing 2 sticks of memory...
    DDR3 Slots 1&2 or DD3Slots 3&4
    with the underlined note " If two memory modules are installed, It is recommended that you install them in the DDR3_1 and DDR3_2 sockets "

    Usually there is a reason for a recommendation....
    I am wondering if going against the recommendation

    As I mentioned earlier because of the stupid Scythe Yasya cooler orientation covering sockets 1&2, and the stupid layout of Gigabyte memory Sockets so close to the processor
    I spent a lot of money online without examining everything quick enough for a return... so I'm stuck

    Thanks for your input
  4. Your are good {equally} either way, and yes I looked at your manual. In fact if you were running faster RAM it would need to be in DIMM_3&4.

    Use slots 3&4 and don't look back. Good Luck!

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