Is it worth upgrading E8400 to Q9550?

Hi everyone,

I am using a C2D E8400 @3.6G mostly for gaming and daily use(browsing internet). There is a Q9550 deal @ tigerdirect a $230 before BCB (after BCB it will be ~$195). Is it worth upgrading?

Graphic card: 4850 CF.
PSU: Antec 750W.

It's my first post here...and I am a foreign student... please correct me if I did/wrote something wrong.

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  1. Is it worth upgrading?
    Depends on what you are doing or what games you play, if you play games. In a lot of cases, the answer is yes.
    What is BCB?
  2. Sorry... it's bing cashback from M$. The amount varies from different vendors, and it is 15.2% @Tigerdirect. For this CPU, it's 230 * 15.2% = 34.96 saving.

    Mostly I just use this computer to play games, watch movies and read news online. I am a RPG player (Fable, Diablo and some Chinese/Japanese RPG games) but also play some FPS games (COD, Crysis...).

    Do you have an idea how much performance boost I may gain by upgrading? Thanks.
  3. I believe fable and diablo are older and can only use 2 CPU cores. COD4 and below can only use 2 cores but cod6 can use 3 cores. Crysis can only use 2 cores, unless there is an update for it that I don't know about.
    So all in all, not worth it, in my opinion. I'd save my money and wait to get a new build instead.
  4. Well i am having the same cpu and thinking about upgrading too but am not going to spend on another 775 cpu
    so am gonaa hit an amd phenom x4 and 770chipset mobo very very soon consider it you too
  5. To Enzo Matrix
    Thanks. I am just planning to play COD 6 this week, and 7 is coming this winter. Diablo 3 also.
    I will consider your opinion.
    I guess a new MB (1156) and i5/7 may be a better choice, but new cpu, MB and DDR3 mean an extra $200-300, compared to Q9550.
    I read some reviews saying Q9550 performs similar to i7 920 (5%-10% difference). Is that true?

    To hikeran
    For gamers, I think Intel is a better choice. I would like to buy AMD stuff but read some reviews you will see, AMD didn't really work well for the gamers...
    I don't want to spend more on a 775 CPU either.... just easier and cheaper...
  6. Yes I think it's a worthwhile upgrade.
  7. Shifting from two cores to four will definitely help. But its always better if you do it with a newer platform, ie 1156 or 1366.
  8. To baddad and hell_storm2004

    Will it help a lot in games? I read that high frequency 2 cores have a better performance in games than low frequency 4 cores....

    And what about the price? I know Microcenter has the better deal but there is not MC is Utah... this price seems the best I can search online.
  9. Best answer
    I have both CPU's the Q9550 is in the "work" machine and the E8400 is in the SLi gaming rig and I really don't think it's worth the cost to you, the difference for the most part will be minimal. Save your money for the next build.
  10. To mousemonkey,

    Thanks for your advice. I think I may just keep my money this time...
  11. c_shura said:
    To mousemonkey,

    Thanks for your advice. I think I may just keep my money this time...

    You're welcome.
  12. I got you. I don't think it will be cheap though......hehe
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