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I recently completed my first new build recycling an older case due to some budget constraints. Now, however, I would like to get a new case since the old one is a little small and has some very poor cable management options and air flow isnt so great. My build has a Radeon HD 5870 and I will likely be upgrading to a second 5870 in crossfire later. I'm not entirely sure weather I should go full tower or if a mid tower will suffice. I like Antec, Coolermaster, and Lian Li and have looked at the 902, 1200, and DF-85, HAF 932 and HAF X, and the PC-K62. Anyone have a preference among those or have something else to suggest?

Thanks in advance for any comments
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    The HAF X is fantastic. I recently moved from a Silverstone FT01 to the X and I couldn't be more pleased. Some people feel it's a bit ugly (and it's certainly not as elegant as the Silverstone was), but it's a great case in terms of features and airflow. Also for $200 it's pretty hard to beat, if you ask me.

    Not sure if your new mobo has USB 3.0 but the X has front-panel ports, which is a nice forward-thinking features from Cooler Master.
  2. either the haf x or haf 932. I have a 932 and i love it, esp the 3 230mm fans
  3. thanks for the replies, yeah I have the gigabyte UD3R so yes I have usb 3
  4. A buddy of mine recently built a rig with the HAF-X. The thing is HUGE and horrendously heavy (although it does come with caster wheels). $200 for a steel case does seem a bit much imho.

    I've read lots of good things about the K62, and am considering buying it myself. Currently on sale for $100 at newegg.
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