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hey people, this is my first thread on here! Let me apologize now for it being so long with so many questions.
So I am going to build a computer off of cyberpower or ibuypower website and they have so many options to choose from and i dont knwo what i need and what i dont need. I want to build a gaming computer and also use it for photos and videos. so i built one and you guys can tell me what I can remove and what I can add.
do i need a internal USB extension module?
do i need to get the overclocking boost?
I got a Asus P6T SE Intel X58 that good? do i need a RAID mobo?
do i need a mobo expansion card?
should i get 1333 or 1600 ram?
I got a gtx 460 1gb (single) that good?
I got a Intel i7 930, is this ok?
I got 700w extreme gear PSU (SLI/crossfire) is this ok?
do i need the external thermal display for fan control?

Is this a decent setup for gaming computer that will last? what would you add/change? thanks.
I am not sure what RAID and overclocking is all about. the different rams (1333 and 1600) are confusing to.

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  1. Your CPU, mobo and graphics card are good for a gamers rig. The ram doesn't matter so much. If you're ok with the extra cost for 1600, buy it. The amount of ram is much more important.
    Do you want to go with dual or triple channel configurations? Again I wouldn't mind too much, however triple channel is a unique feature of core i7 so I would go for it.
    In case of dual channel I would go with at least 4GB ram, triple channel 6GB

    Maybe a small explantion about dual/triple channel is needed:
    Dual channel involves two or four ram dimms where each pair of dimms is seen as one, which results in larger ram bandwith. Triple channel is very much the same only now with three or six dimms, where three are seen as one.

    Hope this helps so far. Don't hesitate to ask.
  2. Another question, do computer cases come with USB/sd readers or do I need to buy a media reader?

    Also I'm thinking about getting the thermal display, it controls fan rpm and 4 temperatures, what should I set the temps at?? what's to hot what's to cold?
  3. It's very very seldom that cases come with cardreaders. I haven't seen one yet. You'll have to buy one with your pc. Don't forget that these readers use an external 3.5" slot, the ones that where used by floppy drives. Problem is that many modern cases don't come with such bays anymore, so make sure the case you choose has one.

    How does the fan controller get its temps? Does it have temp sensors itself or does it use the temps measured by the hardware monitor build into the mobo?
  4. here's the link to the temp controller, do you think it's worth it?

    The case I'm getting does have a slot for media it's a thermaltake element T.
  5. It senses the heat itself. I really don't think you'll need a fancontroller with temp sensors. I don't think you'll need a fancontroller in the first place. Buy the case you want, but read enough reviews about to make sure it has good airflow. If so, you'll be fine and if the fans aren't quiet or powerful enough, you can always buy better ones, which have the cooling and noise levels you want.

    If you're budget allows it, consider a Lian Li case. They are very well build and offer great cooling. They're more expensive though.
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