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Hey guys, just wondering if there is any advantage to having an i7 over an i5 for CAD work? Do the extra threads make a real difference when tossing some huge files on SolidWorks or ProE?

Any other fellow engineers out there that could should some light on this subject?
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  1. I don't expect the difference to be significant. However make sure you get a quad core i5 then.
  2. see here i7-920 2.66 vs i5-750 2.66 look at rendering's benchmarks.
  3. It depends on the models,if you are comparing i5 750 with an i7 920 then the difference isn't very much.
  4. Sorry for the vagueness. Really I was trying to compare the i7 930 for $200 at microcenter vs. any of the smaller cpus (such as the i5). I'm having a hard time justifying not springing for the i7 930 at that price. What do you guys think?
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    It depends on many things.
    Here are some advantages of going with X58 chipset
    1_6-core CPU support
    2_Better OC'ng capability
    3_dual 16x SLI/CF(which doesn't have much of a difference with dual 8x mode of P55)
    The only advantage that a P55 build has,is that it offers similar performance(although i7 930 is a little faster here) and costs lower.
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