K9N2 SLI Platinum will not recognize SATA HDD

I have a:
MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum
Phenom 9650
500 GB Seagate
SATA Pioneer DVD Burner

Two days ago I was using my PC and all was well. I shut it down and let it sit a couple of hours. I came back turned it on and the MOBO Splash came on and then nothing..empty darkness. I restarted it and the same thing happened. The third time I did it the splash came up and then the screen went gray. I pulled the RAM, PROC, HDD. Set them back in to place securely and got it to get to the BIOS. It would not see the HDD or DVD Burner. I tried every possible configuration I know of and now I'm back to the splash with nothing else going on. PLEASE HELP!
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  1. How old is the system? ... heavy use? ... Got kids or pets?

    reseat all drive data and power cables ... and reseat any GPU(s) and RAM
    (age oxidation can cause intermittent/sporadic contact).

    Update video drivers ...

    Reinstall all sw if all else fails ... new drivers for everybody.

    = g'luck ! =
  2. Barring any/all that ...

    How old is PSU? ... What make and model ?

    ... Finally ... in the end ... reseat CPU and/or scrape all old thermal paste and re-apply fresh ... re-insert/re-mount CPU and cooler ... clean cooler fins well.

    ... Avoid getting dust, hair, contaminants in "new" thermal junction.
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