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I have an old practice management programme that is written in FoxPro prior the invention of USB cables. I have tried to capture the port and convert to enable this to send its print message to the LPT1 port and then be printed through the USB connection on the printer. This did not work. Is there a cable or converter that enables me to connect the LPT1 port (male into female I think) to the USB connection on the printer or any USB printer - I have a Brother MFC-7340.
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  1. I've never heard of it, but I don't see why there shouldn't be one. To ask a silly question, did you search for "lpt to usb cable" on some site like Newegg? Or buy a printer with an LPT port as a last choice?

    I would have to see the machine, or screen shots, to understand why this matters. It should just print to the default printer, yes? And the OS is responsible for controlling the physical layer.

    If your program allows you to open a menu to choose your printer, you could install a print-to-PDF package (many can be downloaded free, and some do not even contain malware), print to a PDF file, and then print the PDF file with anything.

    So the key question: Does this print directly to the LPT port, or does it have the typical menu that comes up for Print that includes choosing a printer?

    Could the application be re-built under Visual Foxpro? Or if it is a commercial product, is the company still in business to provide an update?
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